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POMPTON PLAINS, NJ, FEBRUARY 9, 2016GoPole (, the original and leading third party GoPro camera accessory brand, has announced the release of six new user-friendly accessories including adapters, mounts, chargers, and extension poles. The Mobile Clip, Dualcam, Universal, Chomps, Dualcharge, and Reach Snap allow users to more conveniently capture photos and videos from unique and enhanced perspectives, beyond the GoPro device.

“GoPole users want to easily capture moments they can share with others,” GoPole Vice President Ryan Vosburg says. “The new GoPole accessories were strategically designed to allow consumers to use our products on any device, whether it is a mobile phone or action camera. We are excited to expand our offerings to new consumers outside of the GoPro camera market.”

GoPole explained what they think are some of the key features that make their new products both convenient and action-sports relevant:

New Adapters- GoPole is no longer just for your GoPro camera.

The Universal adapter connects any camera featuring a 14 inch-20 tripod connection to any existing GoPole mount. Compatible cameras include Sony Action Cam, Garmin VIRB, Polaroid Cube and more. Additionally, the adjustable Mobile Clip allows users to attach small or large mobile phones, such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S6, to any standard GoPro mount. The ability to use two GoPro® cameras at once is now possible with the Dualcam. Use one camera to film video and the other to take photos or attach it to any other GoPro mount to allow over 180 degrees of rotation for vertical or horizontal dual camera angles.

New Mounts

You can capture hands-free footage without any hassle or distractions using GoPole’s first-ever mouth mount. Chomps is similar to a snorkel mouthpiece, and allows users to leverage their mouth, dangling their camera just below the jawline for the ultimate first person perspective. Dual side vents are provided within the silicone mouthpiece for easy breathing while in use.

New Chargers

The Dualcharge gives users the ability to charge a variety of electronic devices at once. Embedded solar panels automatically recharge when exposed to solar rays, making it the perfect companion during extended outings, and allowing your devices to charge up to three battery lives.

New Extension Poles

The Reach Snap, an adjustable 8-26 inch pole, is specially designed to use with your mobile device. The pivoting head gives users the option of taking a selfie, or flipping the camera around to capture footage of their surroundings. Users can utilize Bluetooth® technology on the hand-held grip, so they can control their mobile device’s camera right from their fingertips.

GoPole’s release of new accessories continues to place them at the forefront of mobile device usability and to expand the scope of capturing photo and video content.